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How to Make an Offer on a House in Harrisburg PA

How to Make an Offer on a House in Harrisburg PA


How to make and offer on a house in Harrisburg PA: While much attention is paid to the offering price of a home, a proposal to buy includes both the price and terms. In some cases, terms can represent thousands of dollars in additional value for buyers - or additional costs. Terms are extremely important and should be carefully reviewed.

How to make and offer on a house in Harrisburg PA: How Much?

You sometimes hear that the amount of your offer should be a certain percentage below the seller's asking price or an amount less than you're really willing to pay. In practice, the offer depends on the basic laws of supply and demand: If many buyers are competing for homes, then sellers will likely get full-price offers and sometimes more. If demand is weak, then offers below the asking price may be in order. A fair offer, based on comparables that I have researched prior to coming to contract,  should motivate the seller to begin negotiations with you and possibly agree to your terms, or counter them.  


How to make and offer on a house in Harrisburg PA: How Do You Make an Offer?

The process of making offers is simple. In a typical situation, we will complete an Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate (ie: a contract!) which I will present to the owner and the owner's Agent. The owner, in turn, may accept the offer, reject it or make a counter-offer.

Because counter-offers are common (any change in an offer can be considered a counter-offer), it's important for us to remain in close contact during the negotiation process so that any proposed changes can be quickly reviewed.

How to make and offer on a house in Harrisburg PA: Good Faith Deposit

At time of contract you will also need to provide a good faith deposit in the form of a check written out to the Listing Agency.  This shows the Seller that you have intent to purchase. Should you change your mind, these funds are forfeited. However , should you not qualify for your loan for any reason, you would get this money back. This money remains yours throughout the contract. In other words, these funds will come off of the total cash you will need to settle.

How to make and offer on a house in Harrisburg PA: Pick a Settlement Date

What date would you like to take possession of the property? This most likely should fall between 30 and 60 days from the date you make your offer.

How to make and offer on a house in Harrisburg PA: How Many Inspections?

A number of inspections are common in residential realty transactions. They include checks for termites, Home Inspections, and Radon Inspections, among others. We also will need an appraisal, which is ordered by the lender. This is used  to determine the value of the home as determined by someone at arm's-length from the transaction: ie and unbiased and independent party.

Home inspections are particularly important. During these examinations, an inspector comes to the property to determine if there are material physical defects and whether expensive repairs and replacements are likely to be required in the next few years. Such inspections for a single-family home often require two or three hours, and buyers should attend. This is an opportunity to examine the property's mechanics and structure, ask questions and learn far more about the property than is possible with an informal walk-through.

If, at the inspection, you determine the property has flaws too great for you to accept, you have the ability at that point to: Ask the Seller for repairs, or Void the agreement.

How to make and offer on a house in Harrisburg PA: What Comes After?

Once I present the offer, then the fun part begins! This is where I shine!  I'm excellent at negotiations, and love to get the best value for you.


Let me know if you're thinking of selling your home and / or buying . I will walk you through the entire process of how to make and offer on a house in Harrisburg PA!



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